Historical Details

This page is sort of an about page detailing my background and my emotional attachment to history. I was raised by a hard working Mom and Dad. My Father was an Iron-worker and my mother was a hair stylist. My Mom worked on her feet for hours on end and was creative and had an eye for design. She cut my hair and would take mt to lunch in my adult years. My Dad was and still is amazingly resourceful and innovative. My brother and I worked with our Dad on many different things including welding, carpentry, plumbing and electric to name a few. When something broke we fixed as opposed to replacing it. Having parents like this taught me a lot of things and it has carried over into our builds. In 2009 we were building our own home and wanted to build a detail I saw in a utility shop office at Yellowstone national park. I sustained an injury and had to wait for a doctor. I remembered the detail and wanted to recreate it. At Christmas time I showed a picture of what I was doing and my Dad asked my mom where that picture was of her Grandfather. Below are a few pictures that really mean a lot to me.

In this photo you can see my Mom's great grandfather and his nephew in his office in Montgomery Minnesota. Notice the trim detail and the door. The calendar on the wall is dated 1924. We don't know a lot about him but we do know he was quite the entrepreneur and craftsman. To the right is one of his Aprons and my daughter showing off the fit!

American Farmhouse styles

The American Farmhouse typically appears in a limited number of configurations. The 2 post popular are the wing and gable and farm 4 square. The farmhouse was almost always painted white. The practice was known as white washing to prevent mildew. The top left image is a home outside Oconomowoc WI. The top right is a home we built in the Community of Bishops Bay. The second row features a four square we built in 2011 along with a floor plan from Sears and Roebuck.