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Learn More About Our Custom Home Construction Process in Waunakee & Madison, WI

How We Work

Our first step is to get together and learn if we will have a mutually beneficial relationship. We will want to see if your expectations are in line with your budget. The budget is a hard place to start but it gets us right to the point and allows us to assess your needs.
If we have determined that we are a good fit we can start to talk about plans and finishes.

Our Flow

  1. Complete a design specification sheet to lead the design of the home
  2. Look through existing plans and collect inspiration ideas
  3. Create rough draft of floor plans
  4. Plans go to a Designer for engineering and completion
  5. Once plans are completed we will finalize specifications
  6. Plans and specifications go out to bid and will take 2 to 3 weeks to be compiled
  7. If our presentation is agreeable we will put together a construction agreement
  8. The agreement goes to the bank for approvals
  9. Once we have a signed contract we can begin our work
  10. The next step is to get everything to a title company. We will rely on Title companies to collect and distribute payments to our subs. The title company ensures work is completed and also collects lien waivers upon paying each sub-contractor. We use Generations Title for all of our work. Generations title is like a subcontractor and knows how we work.
  11. As work begins we will need many selections made so that we can construct your home to accommodate the finishes being requested.
  12. As the projects move along we will request progress payments in the form of draws
    • At each step of the project we will request an amount based on the worked completed. The title company will make the disbursements and ensure payment is made.
    • In the event there is a change order, the title company will require payment for the overage at the time of draw.
    • We can include an additional allowance for contingencies. We can draw from this if needed. This is optional for you to make sure you don't go over budget.
  13. Once the project is completed we will conduct a walk through prior to move in and identify any imperfections. We will make repairs prior to move in. Any floor scratches, wall dings or any other damage will be repaired by the owner's expense. Anything that is an obvious flaw in workmanship will be repaired at our expense.

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