Organized Technology

The first thing most people notice about a new home might be the countertops or the size of the master closet. What goes overlooked is how well things are put together. One area that really needs to be well organized is the electrical.

In the basement there will be an area for the circuit panel and other items such as phone, internet and cable locations.


Every home we build is framed to a specific old school standard.

  1. Floor systems are built with I joist systems to minimize deflection (Bounce) and resist squeaking.
  2. We use OSB 350 sub floor and it is glued and nailed in place. OSB 350 can take a great deal of water before it is compromised.
  3. Exterior walls are always framed with 2X6 Pine studs 16 inch on center and sheathed with 7/16th OSB. 3/8” is standard. There are homes built 24” on center and sheathed with foam board insulation and covered with vinyl siding. Not to disparage others work, but a box knife will get you in really easy. Foam is not a substitute for wood. If you want foam, put it over wood.
  4. Our roof trusses are engineered and manufactured and placed 24 inches on center. The roof is sheathed with ½ OSB.
  5. All homes are wrapped in Tyvek by certified Tyvek installers.
  6. We exceed minimum code requirements for wind bracing as well as energy codes.