Serving all of South-Central Wisconsin

What We Offer

We are a design build service combing your inspiration and ideas with ours to create a home that is unique to you. Over the years we have accumulated a pretty nice library of plans and continue to create one of a kinds. There are different levels of customization both in home design and amenity.

Below is a list of how homes are offered.

  1. A stock plan is an exciting plan with a pre-selected interior choices and limited options.
  2. A semi-custom home is a home that is often repeated and offers minor changes to the exterior and/or tweaks to the floor plan.
  3. A semi-custom interior is limited to certain options but can be quite luxurious.
  4. A true custom home is a home that is highly unique and developed from scratch and offers a wide variety of custom parts and finishes.

The homes we build are a package. We have specific vendors and products we use to ensure the best build possible for the best price and a product we can stand behind. When there is a desire to introduce cheaper parts from big box or online vendors, problems invariably arise. We do not warranty and try but cannot ensure quality from our installers. Additionally if any outside parts are used and arrive damaged, it will be the owner's responsibility to return and provide the proper parts. Additional labor costs will also be the owners cost if a subcontractor has to make a separate return cost. Any material that is delivered curbside will be the responsibility of the owner to get into the house. We as a builder or our subs cannot be the ones who wait for a delivery and sign for it unless this something agreed upon prior to signing a contract. If our people are there working, we can have them sign for a package but not guarantee it to be free from damage or accuracy. We are not difficult people but we have learned that problems always arise when outside products are introduced during the project opposed to before the contract is agreed upon.